Installation Services

EFFICIENCYMART N.V., offers independent consulting, integration and advisory services for leading companies and regulatory bodies in variouse segments. EFFICIENCYMART N.V. specializes in setting up infrastructure for systems- related to LED Technology, Building Automation, Alternative Energy, IP migration with planned roadmaps for the migration into a more efficienct existance.

EFFICIENCYMART N.V. is a fairly young company, which has delivered more than 20 projects in over 5 countries in the telecommunications industry, in partnership with DRAADLOOS N.V. It has been recognized as a major value add to our customer.

Our Partner DRAADLOOS N.V. has a very select team of high caliber, senior experts, in variouse deciplines like lighting, energy, security, telecom and automation. All our Engineers have extensive practical experience gained from both senior information systems positions in incumbent and/or new entrant operators and from a wide range of successful projects in many different telecommunications areas.

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