Consulting Services

We believe that an informed customer is an empowered customer.  As a result we have opted to
inform and educate our customers on the technologies we operate in, in order for the customer
to be able to take the first step into the right direction.

Recent economic and financial volatility have challenged corporate organizations to provide their
companies with more and better services while at the same time reducing the costs of the operations
function. In such circumstances, expert advice from an experienced energy consulting firm can be of
great value to finance/supply chain management executives. EFFICIENCYMART N.V. provides major
companies with a range of energy related consulting services that help drive greater efficiency and
effectiveness throughout the operations cost function.

EFFICIENCYMART N.V.: Energy Consulting for World-Class Performance

EFFICIENCYMART N.V. is a leading strategy and operations consulting firm with particular expertise in
benchmarking, best practices implementation, and energy management, across the entire operation
of a company. Many of these services are performed in conjuction with our Partner DRAADLOOS N.V.

Together we offer an on-demand executive advisory program specifically tailored toward customer seeking to operate cost effectively, when taking their operations expense into consideration, as well as hands-on consulting services in support of critical challenges such as:


  • Building Automation

  • Efficiency Devices

  • IT Information Technology

  • Automation Networks and Security

  • Compliance to Local Regulatory Concerns in Telecommunications and IT Solutions




DRAADLOOS N.V. , offers independent consulting, integration and advisory services for leading telecommunications companies. DRAADLOOS specializes in advice on information systems-led strategy, product launch and business transformation consultancy providing IP migration roadmaps for the converging communications and media industries.

DRAADLOOS N.V. is a fairly young company, which has delivered more than 10 projects in over 5 countries in the telecommunications industry. It has been recognized as a major value adds to our customer.

DRAADLOOS N.V. has a very select team of high caliber, senior telecommunications experts. All our consultants have extensive practical experience gained from both senior information systems positions in incumbent and/or new entrant operators and from a wide range of successful projects in many different telecommunications areas.

To learn more about EFFICIENCYMART N.V. energy and IT consulting services, or our other back-office

consulting services such as supply chain process optimization, IT and more, contact or visit us.

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