Business Plan Consulting


EfficiencyMart N.V. has a staff of experienced professional consultants. We can prepare and write your business plan or enhance your existing one to suit your particular business project. Continued assistance is provided in raising venture capital through issuance of debt or equity.

Business Plans are much more than a tool to obtain financing for your Power Generation and Telco project.

A Business Plan is a description in full detail of any business enterprise covering operational business structure, required resources, authority, responsibilities, abilities, aptitudes, temperaments, equity, remuneration, products and services, market research and marketing strategy, complete budget and financial projections with expenses and revenue for up to five years. Preparing a business plan helps clarify your company's direction, and can give birth to a corporate philosophy and drive. A business plan provides a blueprint, describing your company, its products, business model, management team, competition, and business risks. A business plan includes: Executive Summary; Vision, Mission and Goals; Company Overview; Product Strategy; Operations Plan; Market Analysis; Marketing Plan; Financial Plan; Financial Statements, Supporting Documents and Exit/Payback Strategies. Both startups and existing businesses require business plans. Hence, developing such documents generally requires a great deal of research andnumber-crunching.


When You Need A Comprehensive Business Plan for an energy or telecommunications related project, or security assesment, We Can Make The Difference!



Business planning consultants will prepare, write or enhance your existing business plan and provide full business development services and capital resource assistance for your project.  The Energy and Telco sector are growing industries, which is now opening for those who can justify their position in it, weather they will consume the energy them selves, or generate alternative energy for resale on the grid, or start a new telco venture, we are there for you.

We will adress such concerns as:

Your Identity and Personnel - What is your company, and who are the key players? We identify your business' legal name and status. We also identify key personnel - their backgrounds, their fields of expertise, and any proposed additions to the team.

Your Physical Plant - This is a description of your business location, your energy expenses, plus your maintenance and insurance costs. We need to determine if you will require more capacity, and if your location and situation gives you a competitive advantage. We help you analyze current and projected machinery, equipment, product, service, etc., which require power, in order to see what expenses you can be anticipated in the current state and in a altered state.

Your Business - What exactly do you do? We examine each of your products and/or services in terms of percentage of your business and opportunities for growth, and what the energy impact will be. We help you formulate company milestones, including upcoming products and services in development and cost associated with this shift. We describe your current production needs and also where we see opportunity in savings.

Your Marketing Strategy - This section examines market conditions - the nature of your customers, as well as your competitors, sales potential, and what promotional steps you plan to take to develop your business, relative to going green, and potentially becoming more cost effictive.

Your Bottom Line - This is a cost analysis - a listing of information for prior years, and projections for your future costs. In fact, most lending institutions and private banks will not even talk to you without a Business Plan of sorts when proposing an alternative energy financing.

How EfficiencyMart  N.V. Can Help - We will provide you with the tools to confidently execute the right alternative energy solution, with all the underlying automation and efficiency devices to make you effort a truly positive experience, which will meet or exceed your expectations.

We Know How To Help You Promote Yourself - We know that sometimes it is difficult to pat oneself on the back and appear credible. By partnering with us, we will help you along the way to becoming a true green venue in the true sense of the word.  This will prove to be a major marketing benefit, when attracting the attention of environmentally friendly organizations.


If we take on your project, EfficiencyMart  N.V.  network will make sure that you are exposed to proven resources whose objectives are aligned with your company's profile. Our EfficiencyMart N.V. network can help you get the results you aspire toward.

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