Alternative Energy


EFFICIENCYMART N.V. Alternative Energy products cover a vast gamut of offering, currently being offered globally.  We believe that by simply selling solar or wind products, we will be limiting the possibilities to our customers.  Our philosophy is based around the fact that everything in your business and home are intertwined, and that proper coordination of needs and requirements have to be addressed before any positive step can be taken in the right direction.  For example, change your bulbs to LED is a positive 1st step, shifting toward inverter air-conditioning and home applinaces may also seem a likely step. However how do this all related to each other when it is being looked at from a complete approach, what comes first, and how do we determine this, are the key concerns to follow.  Here is where measurements and management of energy consumption becomes very important.  Efficiency is attained more effectively when a customer is properly informed, and thus he can act according to his needs and reality.  In these circumstances, EFFICIENCYMART N.V. shows tremendous value.

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