EFFICIENCYMART N.V. products and services range from energy solutions to appliances, to control systems into computer systems, networks to security.  This gamut of product line should be managed in an all encompassing manner, in order to command the one stop shop solution center that we are.  Our and partners qualified staff of electrical engineers are ready to deliver certified and qualified service on all products we offer in house.  Brands we work with range from Philips, CREE, LEVITON, HE Wiliams, SISCO, MICROSOFT and many more, more than 185 brands factroty direct. 


Furthermore, our sister companies combined with our staff is by far the most competent and properly educated and trained group on the island for specilized computer solutions, with 3 post grads in Computer Science on staff, with experience streching from Japan, Caribbean, Brazil to the United States, with over 60 years of experience amongst them in the field globally.


We service what we sell, and fix what others can't!

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