EFFICIENCYMART N.V. has performed many services for variouse customers in variouse fields, some which are more sensative than others to disclose.  Of those we are allowed to disclose, mostly are in the LED lighting field where we completed the following top 15 projects:


1) SAMBIL - Entire Parking Lot, largest private paking lot on Curacao

2) Bureau of Telecommunications and Post - entire lighting infrastructure indoor and outdoor

3) Curacao Airport Holding - road ways

4) Curacao Port Authorities - All Cruize Ship docks and main office

5) Centrum Supermarket Piscadera - Entire Parking Lot and Indoor

6) Esperamos Supermarket - Entire Parking Lot

7) Mangusa Supermarket - Entire Parking Lot

8) Deloitte and VV Ministry - Entire Parking Lot

9) Sea Aquarium Resort - Property Lighting

10) Vreugdenhil Supermarket - Entire Parking Lot

11) GOISCO - Entire Store 

12) Centrum Supermarket Mahaai - Entrire Store

13) Costa Linda Aruba - Many Areas

14) Government of St Maarten - New Building

 15) Tax Office Curacao - some Indoor and Outdoor 


We are here to provide you with our brand of services, we do not focus on the product, but rather focus on the solution for the customer as part of an advisory service which is all encompasing solution.  We make sure that the service is taken care of throughout the entire lifecycle of the entire product.

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